Sunday, February 20, 2011


We will practically breathe the same air tonight. She is so close.

Tomorrow at 9:30am 7 families will leave for the Provincial Registration office. Approximately 1/2 hour later... 7 families will be united with their children. The world will have 7 less orphans.

In just three short hours from now, our XiaoYun will go to bed as an orphan just one final time. Tomorrow she will be ours. Tomorrow we will FINALLY hold her in our arms.

Meanwhile, as the crib gets delivered to our hotel room, as I pack a diaper bag, as I clean bottles, and pack cheerios....our stomach churns... in excitement, in fear, in anxiety and even, in sadness. I written here, about how hard it is to think about what Grace will feel tomorrow. I pray she will have peace. I pray that she senses the safety in our arms. I pray our hearts are united together.

I ask that you all pray for us... we need it. Tomorrow is most surely going to be an challenging day full of many unknowns and many emotions. We CAN'T WAIT to meet our daughter.


  1. We'll be praying for you all in worship this am. (hopefully while you are SLEEPING!) :-) Peace Be With You all!

  2. I am from Canada and have been following your blog the last few months, we are currently waiting for a referral from China's WC program. Best wishes on your new journey with your little girl, I can't wait until this day! God Bless!