Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 reasons why being a Dad again is awesome

Obviously this is not Deb. Steve here at 5:51 am local time. I woke at 3:00 with a big fear that I would not be able to go back to sleep but I managed to nod off again until 4:30 or so. I imagine I will slowly sleep later and later until I get it just right and then have to go back home and start the process all over again.

Deb asked if I wanted to make a post about my thoughts. I have too many thoughts and most of them are a big jumbled mess. This experience so far has been everything I thought it would be and nothing I thought it would be all at the same time. Maybe the best way to communicate is to throw a few thoughts out there. And since I am a funny guy (if you don't believe me just ask me) I figured I would steal Letterman's act. I must throw a disclaimer out there that only a few of these are meant to amuse. Here we go.


10- This trip has given me an opportunity to experience life outside of North America, something I sadly have never done. I am truly appreciative of everything I/we have where we hang our hats.

9- I am already loving the looks/stares we are getting from the locals here with the two of us with this beautiful girl. I can only imagine what they will be like when we get home and she is seen with the rest of our blonde haired/ blue eyed clan.

8- This trip has also given me the opportunity to spend some much needed quality time with Deb. She is an amazing Mom/wife and she has not been given enough credit (by me) for all she has done to make this happen.

7- I am meeting and getting to know an amazing group of people that I can only hope that we will still be friends with 20 years from now. I bet we will.

6- Spending this much time away from my 3 bio kids is truly harder than I ever thought it would be. I promise I will make up the lost time by being the best Dad I can to them.

5- Fried Noodles for breakfast rocks! And now I am going to learn how to make them when I get home. Along with fried rice and dumplings (Grace loves dumplings)!

4- The fact that Grace's eyes totally disappear when she smiles/laughs (which has not happened nearly enough by the way) is quiet possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

3- WARNING- Becoming a Dad a again in this manner is addictive. I'm just saying. One adoption is probably enough, (unless we win the lottery and then I would adopt 10 more times). Just maybe more advocacy and help on our part.

2- Now I truly believe (I know I am biased a bit) that I have the best family around!

And the number one reason why being a Dad again is awesome:

1- Grace Lin Xiao Yun Migneault

Reason #1 was supposed to be a VIDEO of her laughing being tickled but I couldn't get it to upload. This is basically a picture of the same.

I promise this will be my one and only attempt at blogging this trip. My guess is that sometime tomorrow, or even later today, or even in about 5 minutes, my wife will come and post something far more intelligent and well-written than what I can do.

OK I have to go now. Grace has decided to take an impromptu nap so I am going to watch her sleep.


  1. You know how much I love your wife, but that is...quite possibly...the best post I have ever read.

    From Starbucks here to Starbucks in Guangzhou, Steve, watching God work this miracle from start to finish has been one of the most amazing privileges of my life.

    To changing the world one adoption at a time!

  2. Oh...and can we come over for dumplings? :)

  3. Wow Steve. Once again, you and your new family have brought me to tears. You're an amazing dad and Grace (and the rest of your children) is ever so lucky to have you. Grace just became part of an INCREDIBLE family. She has the best parents I know. Brianna is blessed to have YOU & DEB in our life, without you, who would we have to look up to as new parents?

    Give that most adorable little girl of yours a kiss & hug from us.

  4. Great post Steve! Love her smile. :-)

  5. LOVE this post!'s great to hear your voice (and heart!) in the mix too. I love waking up each morning to a new post from China! 8) We're continuing to pray for you guys!

  6. Oh, and be careful what you wish might just find yourself winning the lottery...and with TEN more children! 8)

  7. I think you said it perfectly, Steve. It was wonderful meeting you and seeing how much that little girl had stolen your heart in just a few days. I hope you WILL be back, even if just for a visit...or to come volunteer for a few weeks. :) Enjoy Guangzhou, I hope it's warm and sunny.

  8. oh my!
    you have made a mess of my mascara!!

    I think its so amazing that the more you experience real love,the more real love you can experience, both giving and receiving! I believe that is what this post is about; true, real, raw, unconditional love!

  9. Fun post to read. :) I get the addictive part -- once you've done it once, it's hard to imagine not doing it again. But, we've got a full house with our 4...praying that our ministry in the adoption world fulfills that desire in me!

    And, the smile with disappearing eyes is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. :)