Wednesday, October 3, 2012

new pictures

I am FINALLY updating some of the photos hanging around our house.

I've been a little SLOW in updating them.

As in...

the 8 x 10's hanging in our dining room of each of the kids...there are still only three hanging on the wall.

Not four.

Yeah. I know.  Pathetic.

The ones that are hanging... Devin is 9 months old, Kailey is 2, Braden is 5.

I think that means they haven't been updated in over 5 years.

and one child isn't even represented.

These are the ones going up.  Finally.

And I have got to find somewhere to hang this one....  LOVE IT!

   (not sure why it's so small here?...not a photo editor nor a photographer... hopefully it prints ok!)

Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh how this little girl loved her birthday!

the balloons.

and cake.

and all the attention.

And she loves announcing to anyone that will listen...

"I three"!

and how we loved celebrating three with her.  What a joy it was.

What a joy SHE is.