Wednesday, October 3, 2012

new pictures

I am FINALLY updating some of the photos hanging around our house.

I've been a little SLOW in updating them.

As in...

the 8 x 10's hanging in our dining room of each of the kids...there are still only three hanging on the wall.

Not four.

Yeah. I know.  Pathetic.

The ones that are hanging... Devin is 9 months old, Kailey is 2, Braden is 5.

I think that means they haven't been updated in over 5 years.

and one child isn't even represented.

These are the ones going up.  Finally.

And I have got to find somewhere to hang this one....  LOVE IT!

   (not sure why it's so small here?...not a photo editor nor a photographer... hopefully it prints ok!)


  1. Beautiful pictures! (I feel your pain! The 8x10's on our walls are two years old and one child isn't even reepresented. Pathetic!) :)

  2. gorgeous photos, even more gorgeous kiddies!!! My wall is filled with "living social and Groupon" deals (aka: photo canvases on major discount prices) LOL. Its been a great way to decorate...and NO framing required, ready to hang!

  3. Girl, you need to update so we can know how your sweet family is!

    Missing reading your posts.