Monday, March 12, 2012

And then there were three...

There were two friends... that loved to play together. They loved to play dress up and have tea parties and dress barbie dolls.

They loved to sit with each other in the church pew. and play together on the swings. And paint fingernails.

They love.

Then, just a few short weeks ago, the one friend was blessed with a new sister.

A sister who happens to be the same age.

And the other friend wasn't sure how this was all going to turn out.

Actually, neither of the two girls were too sure how this was all going to turn out.


NONE of the three girls were too sure how this was all going to turn out.

Before the new sister came home....I overheard one friend say to the other...

"Sometimes we will all play together, but sometimes it will still just be the two of us".

She didn't say it, but I'm pretty sure she was also thinking...


and then the new sister came home.

and at first it was a little hard for the friend. and maybe a little hard for the new sister(s) too. It's a big change.

and we wondered how these relationships would all work out.

It's only been a few weeks. So the jury is still out.

But, If these beautiful smiles (and silly faces) are a sign of what is to come...

I think they are all going to be just fine.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Growing up

She's growing like a weed.

and she's talking up a storm.

She keeps us on our toes.

and melts our hearts with her smile.

I will not grow weary of these days with a two year old.

because I know from experience...

they will be gone in a flash.