Thursday, December 27, 2012

two months in one post

Oh my goodness... where have I been?  My last post was in October?  That's just pathetic.

 Since October... we have Halloween and birthday's come and go.

We have had SEVERAL visits from the tooth fairy... four teeth in six days for one eight year old girl (oh the drama!)

We have had Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

and another bday is on the horizon in just a few days. 

Kailey, Devin, Grace and I have spent MANY hours at Braden's swim meets in the last month.  I'm not sure whose idea it was to let Braden join the winter swim team at the local YMCA.... I do think it may not have been the wisest parenting decision we have made.... GREAT for Braden, not so great for the rest of us.  :)

and Steve spends many of his weekends and evenings this time of year officiating basketball games. 

But, Christmas, Oh Christmas... what a beautiful blessed day. 

Happy, happy kids. 

Happy, happy parents.

The kids declared this "the best Christmas EVER".  I'm pretty sure they say this every year, but I appreciate their enthusiasm.

It seems Christmas has exploded in my living room. 

There is still flour on the floor from all the cookies we baked.   And I will unashamedly admit I have been eating cookies for breakfast for a week or so now.  

But joy.... what joy this Christmas season has been.    

Grace is proudly saying "Mama, I lub you" over and over now.  I will NEVER tire of hearing those sweet words.   It wasn't until just a few months ago that she first said them.  Late at night, after she called me to her room, I picked her up out of bed and carried her to our bed (as I do every night), she put her head down on my shoulder, wrapped her arms around my neck and said "Mama, I lub you". 

Beautiful, powerful words... often taken for granted. 

As I lay her between us at night, she lays face to face with me and reaches up and lays her arm over me.  We lay there arms folded around each other and I remember to thank God for placing her in our family.  

I also remember, the Christmas (two years ago) that we were waiting to bring her home.  What a difficult Christmas that was.  I pray for each and every orphan waiting for a forever family. 

He will not leave you as orphans... He WILL come for you. 

Close to home and heart is the tragic, horrific events of December 14th.  I hold my kids a little tighter, appreciate their innocence and laughter more, and my patience for the messes and noise they create is a little greater.  

"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me".