Wednesday, July 3, 2013

little toes

My sweet daughter is very protective of her little toes. 

She wouldn't let them touch grass. 

She especially protected them from sand.

August 2011

(I know I'm mean for smiling)

and even when covered in boots, tried to keep them out of snow.

 (and mean taking a picture instead of rescuing her)

 Little by little.  Step by baby step.

She is letting her little toes get a taste of the funny texture of grass, snow and, last but not least, sand.

Grace is 3 years and 9 months old.  On Sunday, she played in the sand at the beach for the first time. 

This morning, she says "I have fun at beach.  I play in sand.  and in water" 

She didn't play in the water. Whe wouldn't even go near it.  But that's ok... she thinks she did.  Maybe next time, or next year, or whenever she feels comfortable.

(notice tight grip on Daddy and pulling her little toes away from the water)

We will be here when she does.  and we will celebrate with her.  Every little step she makes.  There is no rush, because we are forever.