Saturday, February 26, 2011

Smiling Grace

OK. She's not smiling here... but she IS standing!!! and eating a few cheerios. Snacking, her favorite past time.

More on beautiful Guangzhou and Shamian Island, squeaky shoes, the White Swan, culture shock and orphans turned beloved sons and daughters TOMORROW. After I sleep. Because I'm tired. Because 17 month old's are busy. and living with one in a hotel room for several days in a foreign country is exhausting. And fun. And exhausting.


  1. beautiful pictures!!!! can't wait to hear what you've been doing!!!

  2. What sweet pictures!! Love them!!!! :-)


    (and yea, I imagine you're exhausted... can't wait to see you in CT - better rest up on that plane ride home!!!)

  4. So sweet, what a beautiful smile!!! Glad you made it to Guangzhou, it is like night and day. Enjoy the shopping (you can always barter, don't pay what they tell you it costs!!) and Lucy's restaurant!!! We liked Guangzhou the best, didn't get all the stares!! I've loved reading about your trip and Grace... thank you for sharing it with all of us!! Enjoy the last leg of your trip, you'll be on your way home before you know it!! Joanna

  5. Advice on squeaky shoes would be to get several size's bigger because you will regret it when you get home. ALso, go to Jenny's place because her shoes are way cheaper! If you go like you are going to starbucks, instead of going right, you go left. Down the street a little ways and it is on the right side. You go in a door and their will be 2 stores. Jenny's is on the left. DO NOT GO to the store on the right. It was a nightmare and she trys to get you to buy everything. Hope this helps. I love following your blog. Thank you for posting as I know how busy you can be!

  6. She's BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing your journey with even the most random of readers.