Monday, February 21, 2011

Gotcha details.

As our bus pulled up to the registration building parking lot, the three kids from Jiaozuo had just arrived and were getting out of the car. Yisha says "Jiaozuo families... get ready!"

and I screamed. yes. I screamed.

then the video cameras started rolling and the cameras started snapping.

We followed them into the building and put down our things... her name was called and she was in our arms. Two minutes after we walked in the building! She was the quietest of all the kids... sort of scary quiet. Her eyes looked all glazed over.

Then the orphanage director told us she was sick (throat infection is what we were told) and they gave us a medicine that she has been on for three days. I thought it was an antibiotic. But, now I think it was just a some sort of cold medicine. She has a nasty sounding juicy cough coming from her chest.

The craziness of the room we were in is completely unexplainable..... people, our friends, getting children put in their arms. Crying kids. Crying parents. Our guides and nannies talking back and forth making sure all the questions get answered. Flashed going off. Sheer chaos.

Some of the children were absolutely screaming. and they screamed even louder as their nannies walked out of the room. Grace stayed quiet the whole time. She ate some puffs and played with a rattle toy... she even grinned a little.

While on the bus on the way back... she was sweating like crazy. She felt really warm and she was really dazed over. She finally fell asleep. The traffic was terrible on the way back to the hotel and all I wanted to do was get the 4 layers of clothes off of her because I knew she had a fever. She did.

One of the other mom's in our group happens to be a Physician's Assistant that works in a pediatricians office (how convenient)... I talked her and decided to take her off the medicine that she was on and start her on the antibiotic that we brought with us. Her cough is really nasty sounding.

So, this afternoon, we have given her two bottles of formula which she has sucked down without any problem from the special cleft bottle we brought with us. and she took a nap.

But, she is very, very quiet. Like totally glazed over and in shut down mode. Poor thing.

S spent about an hour with Yisha (our guide) preparing paperwork for the registration appointment tomorrow (the day that the adoption becomes finalized).

Meanwhile we will continue to work to break down the wall that seems to be up around our daughter. I know it will come with time. S and I are totally and completely in love.


  1. I am holding back tears as I read your post. Sounds like our experience with Lily. She was also quite and never cried. I am so happy for you and will be praying that Grace feels better really soon!

  2. Thanking God you're there for her now. One less orphan!

  3. What great pictures! I can't imagine how anxious you were that morning! Too bad she is sick but thankfully you had that antibiotic with you. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon. Well you have had a full day with her as of now. How exciting. Hopefully she sleeps well! The weekend went great with the kids. They loved running around the bubble. D ran many "yaps" or laps around the track. We tired them out! They were even great in church and the restaurant for dinner. I felt like the "Sextomom" walking around with six kids. People were looking at us like we were insane! Enjoy the day.

  4. I opened my eyes this morning and remembered: "Grace!" "Pictures!" Utterly wonderful. So, so amazingly beautiful seeing you three together. Thank you, God!!!

  5. Praying for her, praying for healing. Praying her cold goes away and the walls come down. Congratulations!!!!!!

  6. Oh, our daughter had that look too. And, she was also sick and needed antibiotics. So helpful that you have a medical professional in your group. Blessings to you all!