Sunday, February 20, 2011

14 hours...

We arrived in Zhengzhou at about noon today after a short flight from Beijing. We met our CCAI guides (Yisha and Rita) who will guide us through the next several days. We had a guide with us in Beijing as well. But, this was MUCH different.

On the bus we were handed our day-to-day itinerary while we are here. Instructions on preparing paperwork, money and gifts. We were given our identification cards that match us with our daughter. We were given new information about what she is eating, how she sleeps, what comforts her and what she does and doesn't like.

By the way... we had the pronunciation of her middle name a little wrong. It's Yun... as in U-en... two syllables. HA! Oops.

We went from a group of 14 having a grand old time touring around Beijing to a bunch of scared almost-parents (even though many of us have been parents for a while... THIS is different!). Yisha, our guide, in GREAT... but this is business... she's got a lot of information to give us, she has a lot of paperwork to help us complete, and she needs our full attention.

We aren't in Beijing anymore. :)

The wait finally end in 14 hours.

OH... you want to know what was written in our update about G.

She is walking!
She drinks four bottles day and has crackers twice a day - that's it.
She likes to have a bath.
She is active and lively (uh oh?)
She likes her stuffed animal (hope it comes with her!)

Unfortunately, this is about all the additional information that there was. It was disappointing. It just goes to show how little personal attention these little ones get... and it is so sad. But I digress.

Tomorrow..... tomorrow... tomorrow.

B, K and D...

We love when you write comments on the blog! We love you. We miss you. Our heart overflows with love for you guys EVERY day..... it just keeps growing!!!! I hope you had a great time with Auntie Dodo, Nana, Uncle Cook and the boys this weekend. Next time we skype... you will be able to meet your new sister. LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!


  1. How exciting! We have been avidly following your adventures and tomorrow the biggest adventure of all begins! You are in our thoughts and prayers as you prepare for Gotcha Day and all the paperwork to bring G home!

  2. deb-- i will say this -- take the updayed infor you got with a TUB full of salt-- do NOT parent by it!!! noah's said he was potty trained and ate all sorts of food and hated animals-- and it was completely WRONG-- and many other parents in our group discovered that as well. not to say that hers won't be accurate- i pray that it is- but be a blank slate tomorrow-- assume and expect nothing-- i CANNOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Best of luck to you both on gotcha day tomorrow. I am so happy for your family and I will pray for a smooth transition for all of you. I can't believe you guys are so close! Its amazing and truly a blessing. Stay safe. :)

  4. I TOTALLY agree with Emily - NO EXPECTATIONS! and if any of the information is right - well that'd be great too!
    NOW, repeat after me, NO expectations!

    You'll be great! You just gotta get her into your arms! CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER!

    PS, I cried a lot in country - at night when they were asleep. It is a transition - for everyone! Lean on each other, and Lean on HIM!
    Love you!