Monday, February 14, 2011

2 days

I could list to you all the things that I've been doing in the last several days. But, that would be pretty boring. Let's just say... details, details and details... and more trips to Target than, even I, would like.

The kids are excited. Believe it or not. Time spent with Grandma and Grandpa, sleep-overs at Auntie's house. Seems like a good time to them! K and D don't really understand the concept of time, so until they are living through it, I don't think they will understand how long we will be gone. And that is a good thing.

As for me. I'm sleeping ok. My stomach is not too happy. But, I guess that is to be expected. I'm DREADING tomorrow evening and putting my three loves to bed and saying goodbye.

But, at the same time, I can't stop staring at pictures of Grace, who seems to be SCREAMING at me through pictures to come and get her. So, as God has called me... I will GO.

I have no idea what lies ahead for us over the next several weeks. I expect it will be everything and nothing like we imagined. I expect it will be filled with emotions we have never felt before... perhaps good and bad. I expect that we will get sick of Chinese food. I expect I will experience the meaning of the word "tired" like never before. I expect that everything I expect will probably be dead wrong.

I look forward to spending the next 15 days with an incredible man, my dear husband, by my side. Who sees things through rose color glasses all. the. time. He is SO good for me.

As I set off for another day of crossing off the last remaining things on my "to-do" list... I thank God for setting us on this journey and providing for us in EVERY way.

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  1. SOOOO excited to see Grace with her family, very excited for pictures of your Forever Family Day. She's beautiful!!! Take care, the trip is amazing and goes by fast!!! I will be stalking your blog over the next few weeks!!