Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random thoughts with 14 days to go

  • I'm tired of this snow
  • It better stop by February 16th
  • I better not miss the Great Wall of China because of snow
  • I know that is not why we are going to China
  • but still
  • My husband's arms hurt from raking our roof
  • for four hours
  • and it's snowing again
  • today
  • how am I going to fit all our stuff in two suitcases
  • that is NOT possible
  • do I really need to bring all this over the counter pharmacy stuff
  • Yes
  • my parent's are in San Francisco
  • It's 65 degrees there
  • I hope they come home
  • I might not if I were them
  • I'm going to have four kids
  • but I only have two hands
  • and one bathroom
  • maybe I can put a chip-in button on our blog to raise money for a toilet?
  • I do have 30 followers and all
  • I know there are more out there... they just need to come out of hiding
  • I might lose some after this post though
  • my arm still hurts from the tetanus shot I got last week
  • I now have more empathy for my kids when they have vaccines
  • D was supposed to have four TODAY
  • appointment cancelled
  • cause it's snowing
  • did I mention that already?
  • Leaving these three kiddos is going to be SO hard
  • I'm not sure how I'm going to do it
  • Grace's room is not done
  • It's not going to be done
  • oh well
  • it's pink though
  • believe it or not... I'm going to miss work when I am out for 12 weeks
  • I love my work
  • my kids are falling apart a bit
  • B cried for 45 minutes the other night for very silly reasons
  • D seems to have forgotten how to use the bathroom
  • My Miss K is going to be very, very sad
  • are we crazy?
  • perhaps
  • I'm pretty sure everyone has stopped reading this by now because it's really dumb
  • I can't focus for more than one minute to write anything of more substance
  • do I have to clean my closets before my parents come to stay here for two weeks?
  • too bad... they are going to see my messy closets
  • and basement
  • and furnace room
  • People ask me what Grace is eating
  • Sadly... we don't really know the answer to this question
  • It's amazing how LITTLE we know about her
  • that's scary
  • this is all pretty scary
  • just a couple more weeks and she will no longer be an orphan
  • she will have
  • a Mom
  • a Dad
  • two brothers
  • and a sister
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Cousins
  • a Family
  • The end


  1. In your amazing list~ I see someone completely ready to go even if you think you are not... we are never ready (things being in order) to leave for China... it still happens though. :) And even though people 'think' they know their child from a paper list of things 'someone' wrote down, it is hardly ever accurate. Your child will your child the minute they hand her to you and LOVE takes over... that's it in a nutshell. GOD puts love in both hearts that is unexplainable and I know it is going to happen for you!!! I am praying for you right now and hope you have a blessed snowed in day.
    Blessings and Joy!

  2. :) you sound like a mom getting ready to fly to the other side of the world to bring home a new one!!!! my kids DROVE ME NUTS right before we'd leave (each time!) and yes-- leaving them will be one of the 2 HARDEST parts of the trip- but for me- as soon as i got on the big plane to beijing- i started to get excited. (the other hard part is coming home- no lie-- it is the hardest, longest 26 hours ever).

    you will get an info sheet from Yisha on Grace the day before you meet her. TAKE IT WITH A BARREL (not a grain) OF SALT!!!! many families in our group, us included, found our sheet to not only be innaccurate, but completely wrong-- and we parented noah according to that info-- to be honest, i felt it was generically filled out-- so do not expect it to be accurate- !!! so excited for you!

  3. I found a mistake in your post.... you put 'the end' but really, isn't it THE BEGINNING of the next step.....


  4. Maria is so very's only the beginning.

    This post is one of my favorite, yet!

    By the time you leave, you won't be speaking in sentences, either....just fragments...but in our weakness, He is strong!

    THIS is living!

  5. We were on the Great Wall on Christmas Day in China. It was 18 degrees F as a high that day with lots of wind and we still went to the wall. It was nice, but freezing. There was snow on it. Don't worry about missing the wall! I am sure you will go no matter what!

  6. Layer for the Great Wall and make sure you walk it no matter how cold it is because it will get you ready for the next step your about to take...bring home a little one!

    Yes you will need the meds, take a third suite case, and our paper from Yisha was detail because it came from his foster family and not the orphanage.

    Just remember enjoy the moment!

  7. OK, you guilted me. I will *try*, really try to go see her tomorrow. :) I hope we get to meet while you are here...let me know when you have a detailed itinerary! We may have to head to ZZ for some shopping....