Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Pictures from Zhengzhou and Jiaozuo

I know my loyal followers are waiting for more pictures. :) So, here are some random shots from our day yesterday. These below are two pictures taken on our walk to Walmart. (Yes, Walmart... these are our big outings these days!)

Believe it or not ... yesterday was a bright sunny day. The smog is absolutely unreal. And it didn't get any better in Jiaozuo. In fact... maybe even worse.

Back at the orphanage... Grace with one of her nannies. Grace was unfazed about the whole thing. I am having a hard time figuring out if that is good or bad... perhaps good for our emotion yesterday, but not good indicator of her attachment to the nannies.

Her room at the orphanage. There were about 4 toddlers walking or in walkers, and about 8 or 9 babies in cribs sleeping, crying or eating (with a bottle propped in their mouth).

Her empty crib. Praise God.

With Daddy in the baby carrier.

Sleeping, peacefully and safely with Daddy.

This one doesn't need a caption. :)


  1. when you get home, email me your pics of jiaozhou (sp??) i'm doing a post on each SWI-- also- if you could jot down your thoughts about the city and SWI-- would love those as well..:)

  2. Those last pictures are adorable. She looks like she's feeling better. Praying that she is!

  3. She is absolutely adorable. What a face!

  4. love her updated pic on your sidebar! Happy!

  5. Deb, that last picture of her is just BEAUTIFUL! She is just SO cute!I love the one of her & Steve too!!!

    So, did you take any pictures of the stuff IN wal-mart?? He he. The kids were talking about it after your skype talk today :-) I know, I'm greedy, constantly looking for more pics.

    I saw Marion tonight (dropping off taxes) and was able to share the FB video with her. She thinks Grace is the cutest little girl!

    Miss you all & counting down your return. BTW.. your wonderful children practically pushed me out the door tonight. Apparently, they are having a grand time with Grandma & Grandpa :-) I think the fact that Grandpa was there, Braden was feeling better, and the idea of going out to dinner for Boston Market helped!!

    Hope you have a great day today!!

  6. hope you know that you also have a rather large, avid yet silent group of supporters who are captivated by your journey and big heart ...and exceedingly eager for the next set of pictures and posts. she's so beautiful! ~jes

  7. I am traveling with my daughter to visit her orphanage in Jiaozuo June 2011. If you have the current phone number & director's name of Jiaozuo welfare institute, I'd love to have it!!