Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is rough

Sorry friends, I know you are all probably wondering where all the pictures are from our home-coming.

Truth is... there hasn't been many.

We are just trying to survive here. The camera has barely made it out of the camera bag.

We are tired. More than tired. Exhausted. No, more than exhausted.

Grace slept about 6 hours total on our 30 hour trip home. She didn't cry much, just didn't sleep. She slept about 4 hours the first night home and she slept about 3 solid hours last night... and then tossed and turned and cried for another 4 hours or so.

We have barely slept through any of it.

Grace is happy, lively and smiley most of the time during the day. During the night... not so much.

The kids are LOVING her! If we could just wake up a little perhaps we could enjoy it all at little bit more.

I promise a better post soon... with pictures. Hang with me for a bit... I'll get there.



  1. hang in there!!! that first week IS rough!!!! have her outside as much as possible to get her time clock switched and i have heard many person say that benadryl helped a ton-- though test it at a nap first to make sure it doesn't make her hyper! glad to hear you survived the trip home!

  2. Totally KNOW exactly how you feel~ there are no words to describe and no one gets it unless they have lived to tell about it. It takes a good two weeks to start out of the funk. Praying you can adjust and start to feel better. You have a lot of 'little' going on there. Bless you during these first days and weeks!!!
    Love and joy!

  3. Oh! You're getting there.... (where is there anyway?) It's all good! and I definitely concur with Emily, OUTSIDE as much as possible! Sunshine, exercise and good ol fresh air is so good for the body. Running and playing and laughing.... forget all that other stuff that used to 'have' to get done. You're in a special place right now with her.... you're living life, real life.
    Love you guys!

  4. Yup, the good news is that in a couple of weeks this will be a memory (if you can actually even remember anything), but the bad news is that it does take about two weeks to be functional. Just like having a baby. It's all good from there. :)
    Welcome home!

  5. Praying for you.....praising God you made it home safely, it was a blessing to follow you to china, I cant wait to go on our journey! Grace is precious, such a gift! :)