Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some things easier. Some things harder.

There are things that have been easier than I thought they would be.

To Love.


Because how hard is it to love a face like this? :)

To make her smile.


Some things harder.

Getting dinner on the table.

Getting to the grocery store.

Finding time for a shower.

After a challenging day yesterday... two more shots at the pediatrician, a discovery of an ear infection :( and a four year old that was, well... being four. Today, the sun was shining on us. and we laughed a bit more. I managed a dinner on the table.

and well... no shower. But, there's always tomorrow.

I know, I know... I could do these things at night after everyone goes to bed. BUT, I'm just too tired!

I know I promised a video of our active and smiley Grace. and I don't want to break any promises.

So, while it took me a week (!) Here it is... actually, this was taken a while ago... she's even HAPPIER now!


  1. dang she's cute when she laughs.. oh heck- she's just dang cute all the time!!!!!!!!! that first month home is a doozy-- after that-- muuuuuuuuch better!!!!! trust me. i've done it a few times!

  2. the shower will wait....
    and you'll be ok....
    you have to agree that each day is better in the sense of it being 'easier' to manage the things that need managing..... dinner on the table at the same time and eating it while it's warm-ish.

    Oh she is beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh deb she is just sooooo adorable and you can see that steve is so in love with his little girl! That laugh is great too! Things will only get better from here on out!

  4. Bless you while you continue to figure it out. I still don't do the grocery store very well and my showers are usually taken late at night when everyone else is long asleep. :) Hoping you have a great week!!!
    Blessings and love!