Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I BELIEVE our daughter has said her first English word. I think she has been saying it for several days... but today I think it's official.

It is an appropriate first word for our family. and just shows us AGAIN how perfectly perfect she is for us.

Her first word... "Gook"


We read a LOT of books in our house. Several dozen a day.

Thus far... the most challenging transition for K has been "but we haven't read books tonight!" Yes, the evening routine has been a little messed up with the arrival of her new sister. She loves her sister. But THIS does not make her happy.

So, it's perfectly perfect that Grace loves books. Just like her brother. and her sister. and her brother.

oh and her Grandma.

When I first took out a few board books I brought to China with us one month ago... she didn't know what they were. She would flip one over and over and had know idea that it opened, that there were pages to turn and that it could be fun sitting there turning the pages as her Momma reads the words.

Now, if I sit down on our living room floor, she heads straight for the bookshelf (or pile of books laying on the floor) and says "gook". She finds her favorite... "Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb" and sits down on my lap.

and my heart melts.


It seems that my heart has been melting a lot these days.

This video is a little dark... but hopefully you can see her drumming with the monkey's. :)


  1. I love the little confirmations that the Lord sends about the children He has given us. So happy to hear that she is adjusting well. She is such a cutie!!