Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's been a busy couple days...

Oh who am I kidding, I'm pretty sure that this is just normal now.

Grace had her first pediatrician visit yesterday. 5 vaccines and one TB test. Yes... 6 needles. Poor girl. She actually needed more than 5 vaccines, but we are waiting on some, because well... 5 seemed like enough.

A variety of precautionary lab work tests were ordered and we had that blood drawn today. Poor girl.

In addition, today was her visit with the cranio-facial team at the CT Children's Medical Center. 6 specialists came in and out to see Grace in about an hour's time. She did great! They were great!

Going out of the comfort of our home is challenging. We haven't actually been out much... but when we have you can see that everything overwhelms her. Who could blame her. The moment I start putting her in the car seat I see the zone-out look in her eyes. But, today... I started to see a little progress. She was smiling and laughing in the car. At the doctor's office she was playing on the floor and smiling and babbling at the doctors. When she got a little uncomfortable she would waddle over to me raising her hands in the air to be picked up. Oh these little things just melt my heart.

I should also note that in the first 72 hours of being home Grace has...

Fallen off the bed (don't ask... poor judgement by parents due to sleep deprivation), fallen off the sofa, bonked heads with at least two siblings, bonked head on the coffee table (several times), been hit in the face with a musical instrument, and was accidentally scratched by someone's little fingers.

Good thing she is resilient because life as the youngest of four is a little dangerous!

A few snapshots around the living room...


  1. OH!! I am just LOVING these updates! I check everyday to see how all of you are doing, I just love your posts! It looks like she is settling in well, and I can just imagine how much fun the siblings are having with her! I love how she comes to you to put her hands in the air to be picked precious!!

  2. she is precious!!! absolutely perfect!!

  3. Oh my goodness the zoned out look. I was so unprepared for that look. Joey doesn't do it, but Jacob most definitely still has those moments. Wowzers, I had never seen such a thing. Glad you guys are settling in....despite all the head injuries. LOL

  4. All those ouwies...poor thing! How few chances she's had previously to waddle around and get hurt! No bruises are beautiful and we certainly don't want Grace hurting, but she's experiencing REAL LIFE in a family! YEAH!!!

    LOVE the polka dot squeakies!

  5. Just caught up. She is just beautiful. Glad she is settling in well!! Wow...what a blessing. ANd yes...being the youngest does come with it's bumps and does being the only girl (as S-girl would attest!!)

  6. As usual...super cute pics & love your post! found me! (Your copycat :)
    If you ever have an extra minute, would you email me? I tried to email you a while ago from your sidebar, but I couldn't figure it out.
    I have a few questions for you...although I know you must be REALLY busy right now.