Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hands full?

I can't just pretend that life is all cute videos... I wish it was but I've got to chronicle REAL life here. Not just cute video life.

I'm not complaining...we are living life. A good life. A great life. A life we could not have dreamed of. But, no doubt... it's not an easy life. But, we were never promised easy.

So you are the kids adjusting?

Um. Well.

I'll say this... They LOVE Grace. Love. Love. Love. Her.

They love her so much that...

Sometimes they try to hug her so hard around her neck she is almost chokes.

Sometimes they want to kiss and hug her so much she falls over screaming.

Sometimes they want to be so close to her they sit on her.

So, personal space is a little bit of an issue. I can't tell you how many times I say "please, leave her alone, please keep your hands off of her, PLEASE stop CHOKING her!"

But other that the personal space issue.... Things between Grace and her brothers and sister are great.

Now, how are things between brother, brother and sister (excluding new sister).... Ummm..... Not so great. We've got some attention getting behavior going on. All to be expected. But, challenging none-the-less.

It is especially difficult for S when he comes home from work... he has three kids begging for his attention, and little one that needs her Daddy (even though maybe she doesn't quite know it yet).
THEN... throw in a little stomach bug that seems to have caught up to one little blond haired girl. and a teething one year old.

and well... we've got your hands full. But (stealing from one of my blog friends)....

you think I have my hands full? you should see my heart.


  1. Girl I so hear you on this. No matter how great it's going, it's still a transition for everyone involved. It is an adjustment fo sure. I hear we should evaluate at 6 months how we are all doing so I am trying to keep my eyes on that. Adoption is certainly not for wimps and I am part wimp. :)

  2. Hey there!

    I'm not sure how I linked to your blog--I ended up here through another adoptive mom's blog, and I really have enjoyed reading about your journey. We are in the paperwork process right now for a little boy from China, so it's encouraging to read about other families traveling this road. Thanks for being real about the good stuff and the hard stuff. Congrats on getting your sweet girl home. I really like your last line--"you think I have my hands full? you should see my heart." I would imagine your heart is overflowing with so many emotions right now!


  3. Thank you for being real. I need to hear this so I know better how to pray for our transition when we bring our little girl home. It's refreshing.