Thursday, December 30, 2010

Article 5!!

Don't ask me what Article 5 actually is. Because I don't know.

I do know, it is the LAST piece of paper that needs to be processed by the US government.

I do know, it the last piece of paper the Chinese government needs before they issue travel authorization.

I do know that means we have...




then... Travel Authorization.

We should have our TA in our hands in 2-4 weeks. Which means we are on schedule to travel right after Chinese New Year. Even if we get the TA in 2 weeks (or less), for various reasons, we will have to wait until after Chinese New Year to travel.

So, we expect that we will travel mid-February. Hopefully we don't have any bumps in the road between now and then.

Almost there!


  1. suweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! start packing!!!!
    you're in the final stretch now!

  2. Woooo-Hoooo!! I never really figured out what on earth it was either but I like it!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Woooohooo! I am so happy for you guys! You have to take pictures when you go over. :)

  4. Yeah for Article 5...whatever it's one step closer to Grace! 8)

  5. Congratulations! What an exciting time for y'all - and what a way to start the year (both 2011 AND the year of the rabbit *grin*).