Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mom is so cool

Update on sledding: The untold story.

The kids weren't satisfied with the little hill in our backyard. They begged to be taken to the "BIG HILL" down the street.

So, the three kids and I, looking a bit like Michelin men, packed up our sleds and drove to the "BIG HILL".

As anyone who has ever gone sledding knows, the worst part of sledding... Not the bitter cold. The howling wind. The snow in the mittens. And face.

The worst part of sledding... is the walk back up the hill. Over and over again.

My little D can't do it alone, he needs a hand to hold so he doesn't fall face first in the snow 8 million times. So, each time D went down the hill, I had to go too.

One time, K and D went together on the double sled. I took the tube and headed down behind them. Cause, you know, D can't climb back up the hill alone.

Tubes don't steer very well. As all (let's say 110 for fun)... As all 110 lbs of me came barreling down the hill, I realized I was about to take out both of my younger children waiting for me at the bottom. Because Mom's would do anything to save their children from a snow tube disaster and probable death, I stuck my arm/hand in the snow in an attempt to stop me and the tube from crashing into my two littles waiting at the bottom.

I jammed my arm/hand into the ground, made a fantastic 360 degree flip in the air and landed, with much grace, on my backside.

I am sure Shaun White would have been impressed.


B's reaction...

"Mom that was SO COOL!!!! You totally WIPED OUT and FLIPPED OVER!"

Yeah. I did. I'm cool like that.

Now, can I have some ice for my swollen wrist... and perhaps some tylenol too?

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  1. Geez Deb, be very careful on those tubes! I went down a hill on one when I was a kid, hit a jump, went over a drop off at the bottom and cracked a vertebrate in my back. Part of the problem with those is, as you said, you can't steer! There are also no breaks. I haven't been on one since!