Thursday, December 30, 2010

Four fast years

Hard to believe that our little D (and I do mean little) turned 4 yesterday.


He's might be small in size. But, he's got a huge heart and even bigger smile.

He makes us laugh every day. Many, many times a day. He is such a funny little guy with a great sense of humor.

This year, I'll admit... he has tested our patience. And our parenting skills. As sweet as he is... when he is hungry or tired, he loses himself completely. This boy has thrown more temper tantrums that the other two combined multiplied by 3. There were days in his early threes, that he would throw himself on the floor screaming MULTIPLE times a day. I'm thankful that it seems we have survived this stage.

He's growing up. And he is so darn sweet.

Balloons greeted him when he woke up. Balloons on his bedroom floor, balloons decorating his bedroom door and even a balloon on a box of Fruit Loops for breakfast. Yes, Fruit Loops. It was his birthday and all.

In our house, when it's your birthday you get to choose your favorite meal for dinner. So, for dinner...

Chicken nuggets, french fries, milk and ketchup. :)

I know you all wish you came to our house for dinner last night!

We were all hoping he would ask for the homemade chocolate cake for dessert.

No such luck. He wanted funfetti white cake from the box, with chocolate frosting from the can. With some sprinkles. And his name written on the cake.

So, that's what we had.

A sleeping bag. An etch-a-stetch. And some bath crayons = Happy 4 year old.

Grandma and Grandpa came for the party. They added a boat for the bathtub he has been asking for.

and a TRAMPOLINE! Just the thing to expend a little four year old energy.

Happy Four D!

We love you!

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