Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update: paperwork

I said I would focus... and focus we have. Here is an update on our paperwork process (I hope this doesn't scare anyone... if I can do it ANYONE can do it!)


homestudy application
background check forms
pediatrician statement for each of the kids
physical forms (x2)
education statement from B's teacher
reference letters (emailed out to our dear friends to complete)
fingerprints (x2)
police clearance reports from our town (x2)
new marriage certificate
new birth certificates (x2)
financial statement
adoption petition
salary verification (x2)
and various release forms for things (I stopped reading and just kept signing)

Our big task for the weekend is the completion of the parent questionnaire for the home study. We each need to do this individually. We also hope to get the questionnaires for the kids completed.

OH and clean the house for our first visit from the home study social worker on Monday.

Somehow, this is all sort of fun. I'm beginning to realize that the hardest part isn't going to be filling out all these forms... but the waiting that is going to occur after we're done.

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