Thursday, April 8, 2010

18 to 24

We KNOW that this wait is FAR from predictable and it will probably change every day, every week, every month that we receive an update from our agency. There are countless factors... many having to do with things happening in China that we cannot predict, understand or, obviously, control.

The latest...

There are 250 families currently "waiting" in our agency's waiting child program. Families who have recently been matched (desiring similar age range, gender and medical conditions as us) have waited 18-24 months.

18-24 months seems like a LONG time.

Especially since the hole in my heart seems to grow each day. And that feeling... OH that feeling... an when you MISS someone just keeps getting worse. We've only be at this about a month... what's my heart going to feel like in 18 or 24?


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  1. Oh I know it well. What age range are you guys looking for? Any specific needs?? What agency? Sheesh. Did I ask too many questions or what? LOL- Praying for you!!!