Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April or July?

Sunny and 85 degrees on this beautiful April day! Yup... April.

I'm not complaining. Neither are the kids.

Where's D you ask? The poor kid is sick and I wouldn't let him play in the water with a fever of 103. So, he looked longingly outside...

And yes, that IS chocolate around his mouth. I mean what Mom could resist a sick child, with those eyes, asking for a piece of Easter candy?

I'm sure next week we will be back to our typical New England spring weather. In fact, since I put away the snow boots, mittens, hats and coats on Monday... it will probably snow.


  1. How fun!! I just found your sweet blog! I love it. We are in the process of adopting (again!!) too. We will become a family of 6. : ) Wanted to say hi.

  2. Poor baby! Hope D is feeling better!