Wednesday, April 14, 2010


There is this guy in our house... he goes by several names, Dad, Hun, Daddy, and S (to name a few).

He's pretty darn amazing.

I couldn't possible list all the reasons why... cooks, cleans, mows, name it... he does it.

OH... and laundry. He does ALL the laundry. He sometimes jokes that I need a map to find the washing machine. I do.

But, what he does best... he LOVES his kids. He plays, helps with homework, goes to cub scout sleep overs, plays catch, hits golf balls, plays soccer, rides bikes, tickles, reads, wrestles, teaches, jokes, gives baths, nurses the sick, cooks special breakfasts, and cuddles.

Pretty much this guy DOES IT ALL... 365 days a year.

182 days a year we share him with three hundred 3rd - 6th grade kids. These 300 students are like his own. He cares for them and believes in them. He devotes countless hours finding ways of engaging, coaching and motivating them. He gets them involved in exercise and community service, he supports them in their extra-curricular activities, he shows up at soccer games, baseball games, and school plays to cheer on his students. Never, not once, does he complain about going to work... even on a Saturday morning or a Friday night. Probably because it's just not work to him.... he loves it THAT much.

I don't see him in action at school very often, but when I do I am reminded AGAIN how proud I am of the work he does.

Why am I bragging about my husband? Because I can. And because I want to shout it from the roof-tops (apparently this blog is my version of a roof-top)...

HE IS AMAZING and I am abundantly blessed to be married to him.

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