Friday, April 2, 2010

An inappropriate post about a three-year old

Three year olds are really amazing and really challenging.

They are developing their language and every day they say something super cute. They are fiercely independent wanting to do EVERYTHING themselves. But, the next minute they are still the babies that we still want them to be.... cuddled up with their blanket on your lap.

They say and do so many funny things in one week that you could write a book.

They are also learning self-control. We have a little guy in this house that isn't learning self-control easily (read: temper tantrums). He pushes the limits. He "forgets" to use his manners. One minute he wants to do something himself and then next minute he is demanding you do it for him. Testing what he can get away with, and what he cannot.

But, he wants SO much to be a big kid and trying to be the BIG kid he thinks he is, he sometimes gets himself into predicaments.

Today was one of those days.

I'm sitting downstairs working on our computer.

D had unusually dissappeared upstairs (warning!), K went up to get herself a drink of water, she comes back downstairs and full of the expression K is known for says....

"D is upstairs and just went to the bathroom, he has used A LITTLE BIT too much toilet paper"

Uh oh!

I run upstairs and find D standing on a stool, trying to clean himself with the BIGGEST wad of toilet paper I have ever seen. An entire toilet paper roll worth. The wad is about three times the size of his little toosh.

I tried to recreate in this picture...

It doesn't do it justice.

Anyway, it's a day in the life of a three year old. But this one made me laugh HARD and I since we can all use a laugh...I thought I'd share.

Inappropriate, maybe. But FUNNY!

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  1. Just found your blog through your follow! So glad that I did! I get giddy when people are in the adoption process. It brings me right back to when we were going through the process. I'm sure you know...but it will all be worth it. Adoption has been one of the biggest blessing of our lives!

    Love the story about your 3 year old's antics. Three is my very favorite age. I just love three!!

    Looking forward to following your story!