Monday, April 26, 2010

Party-of-Gold - May 23rd!

This is a no brainer friends...

Come to my Party-of Gold party on
Sunday, May 23rd at 5pm and EARN MONEY!

Yes, you heard right... come to a my house, eat some yummy food and walk away with a check in-hand made out to YOU!

AND (here's the big win-win friends).... As hosts for this party, we will earn a percentage of the total gold sold at the party. All proceeds benefitting the "Bring G Home Adoption Fund!"

It's a
WIN-WIN!!! You make money AND you help raise money to bring our daughter home to her forever family. :)

Email me (click the button on the right side-bar) for more information and/or to confirm your attendance.

BRING FRIENDS!!! or bring your friends gold with you. You/they don't even need to present to get paid! Lots of options if you can't make it, so let me know if you have some gold to sell.

Don't forget the men in your life... they might have a big 'ole gold chain necklace laying around from the 80's... it's probably worth tons! Broken jewelry... SELL IT! That ugly necklace your high school boyfriend gave you... SELL IT! If you are like me you will say "I don't have much to sell", I brought a few small things to one of these parties and I walked away with over $200.

And remember, best of all... a percentage of the total gold sold at the party will go directly to our adoption fund.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this journey....and helping to bring G home to us!

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