Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A sign

I'd say we've recieved our fair share of "signs" that we are on the right path with this adoption.

Here's the latest...

Last week I brought the three kids to the public library. Of course, they all want to pick out books. D (our three year old) goes to one of the many shelves of books, grabs the first one he sees and requests to take it home. I don't argue... I don't even look at it, I grab it, put it in the pile and head home.

We don't read any of the books for a whole week.

S sits down to read to the kids last night, all three of them ready to listen. One of them hands him the library book that D picked out "The Coffee Can Kid". He starts reading. I'm listening (barely) from the other room as he is reading. I realize that the book is about a little girl adopted from China. She is asking her parents about the only picture that her parents have of her as a baby (her referral picture) and a letter that was left with her as a baby.

I run into the room... "What are you reading?" Steve looks at me sideways with a look of "You picked it out" and K says "It's the book D picked out at the library last week".

I then tell Steve (who thought I had purposely picked out the book) that D pulled it off the shelf and I didn't even look at it before I checked it out.

We are in awe. I mean, there are literally thousands of books on the shelves... and he picks THIS one?

Here is what S continues to read....

"This is a letter from your birthmother. She wrote it the day she said good-bye."

"What does it say?"

"It says that she loves you, and not a day will go by that she doesn't think of you. It says she hopes you are happy and strong and in a home where there is enough to eat. She hopes that you are with people who love you as much as she does"

S barely got through the words... and I had a tears streaming down my face.

I think God wanted us to read this book. How about you?

We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.


  1. I LOVE when God is in the DETAILS of life...the ones only He could orchestrate!! 8)

  2. God's plans are truly more amazing than we can ever imagine!