Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little girl and an envelope

This here is a story of a plain white envelope and a little girl with a beautiful giving heart.

I received a delivery today from a very good friend who shared our blog with her 7-year old daughter.

This delivery wasn't the usual bag full of hand-me down clothes that I am used to receiving from this particular friend. But... OH... it was worth SO much more.

It was an envelope with 5 words beautifully inscribed in 7-year old handwriting...

"For Grace, Love, C**** S****"

The envelope clanged when you moved it... heavy with change (and a few dollars too)!

A weeks (more?) worth of allowance?!

All. For. Grace.

Now THAT is amazing.

The beauty of one little girl's soul was revealed today.

So far, this adoption has touched many lives and stirred feelings in my heart I hardly expected.

Thanks CS. I already knew you were a sweety but WOW! I can't wait for you to meet G! and I can't wait to see what your generous heart is going to do for this world as you grow.

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