Monday, March 15, 2010

The burning questions...


It will probably be at least 12-18 months before we travel to China and welcome a new little one into our family. But this question is tricky... there are many, many factors that contribute to how long it will be.


We have requested to be matched with a little girl between the ages of 15 and 36 months.

Do we have a picture yet?

Not yet. Our agency will match us with a little one in a year or more. God certainly knows who she is, we can't wait for Him to let us in on the big secret!


Ah, now that is a question that requires a whole post in itself. I'm not really blessed with the gift to write what the heart feels so I'm not sure I have the words to answer it.

I'll say this... the question really has become for us - Why NOT? How can we NOT do this?

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  1. Hi! I linked to your blog from PRP's blog! Good luck on your adoption journey! (I sit in front of you most Sunday!)