Tuesday, April 26, 2011

THAT was not fun.

I'm leaving the pictures for the end of this post so that if you would rather not look at yucky pictures.... you can skip it. :)

We are OUT of that darn place.

Grace was finally released to go home yesterday morning after pulling her IV out. Nice work girlfriend!

If you hadn't figured it out... that means we were at the hospital THREE nights. Not one. As we had hoped. Not two. Which we dreaded. BUT THREE.

Between a lot of swelling, dropping oxygen saturation levels, difficulty managing her pain, and her unwillingness to drink anything... we were there three nights.

We barely slept over those three days. She was/is in a lot of pain. But, she is starting to come around and is looking a little better every hour.

We are glad to be home. She is happier. She is playing. She is drinking more (but not a lot) and today she even got to eat a little watered down baby food.

I'm posting these pictures. And telling our not-so-fun story here because I want others who might have children going through this procedure to know what it could be like. Not every kid experiences what Grace did. Many get out of the hospital the next day. But, this is her story.

HEY! According to our insurance company this could be outpatient surgery- and "care can be managed at home" HA! Yup, the breathing tube, the oxygen to keep her oxygen levels up, the multiple doses of morphine in her IV to keep her pain even remotely under control... yeah... all could have been managed at home.

Crazy people. But, I'm not bitter about that or anything.

This is a TOUGH surgery. I am really no wimp when it comes to this stuff. But, this was HARD for me. And REALLY HARD for poor Grace. Her pain was quite bad. Getting her to drink was harder than I expected. and three nights of no sleep is never fun for anyone.

But, she did it.

My sweet girl. I'm sorry you had to go through this. MORE THAN ANYTHING... I wish you didn't. MORE THAN ANYTHING... I wish I could take your pain away. MORE THAN ANYTHING... I want to feed you dumplings and noodles instead of baby food. MORE THAN ANYTHING.... I want you to sleep comfortably. Soon, my girl. Soon.

Here are the pictures...

Looking cute... waiting in the waiting room...

In pre-op playing with stacking cups...

Up in her room, a few hours after surgery...

Friday evening...

Saturday afternoon, almost 24 hours after surgery... finally awake and not crying. Up until this point, if she was awake... she was screaming.

Because who wouldn't scream if you looked/felt like this...

Easter Sunday, her brothers and sister come for a visit...

Going home... just after pulling her IV out...

and today she looks even better. I'll get a picture up soon. :)


  1. It is so difficult to be on this end of things, I totally feel your pain!! We are gearing up for Laila's 3rd surgery in just 2 years with us!! Grace looks really good though, and keep up the good work Mama!! Home is the best place to heal!!!

  2. tears. sorry it was rough... praying each day you see amazing improvements... and that Grace will be scarfing down the dumplings sooner than later!!

  3. poor thing!!!!!!!!! oy-- so sorry you both had such a rough time of it-- that's the thing with cleft surgeries-- you never know what you're gonna get- so better to be prepared for the worst!!!! glad you're home!

  4. praying for your sweet Grace. we will be in your shoes in just a few weeks with our daughter who is scheduled for her palate surgery. Thank you for sharing your heart. She seems like a figther...I trust that each day gets a little better.

  5. We'll continue to keep you in our prayers! Hospital stays are not fun...home is so much better for everyone! 8)

  6. Praying for your sweet girl. Glad you are home.