Thursday, April 21, 2011


Is it fortunately? or unfortunately? Grace has surgery tomorrow to repair her palate.

I KNOW she has to have it done. But, It's killing me to think of putting her through surgery. And worse, the couple weeks of recovery that will follow.

Have I mentioned? Grace LOVES to eat. Anything. Everything.

OH so she is going HATE a liquid diet. and HATE even more the soft diet that follows. and I am going to feel SO bad for her.

How will I say no to this face?

We've been fighting with the insurance company this week. They have decided that they will not cover an in-patient stay for this surgery. They will cover the cost of the surgery, but they are insisting it can be done outpatient. Our craniofacial team has NEVER seen an insurance company do this. They have appealed. And re-submitted the pre-authorization. Again, it was denied.

I've been assured that the doctor will be able to document it as medically necessary tomorrow and that eventually the insurance company will pay. But, I'm not so sure.

The pre-op nurse I talked to yesterday morning says they NEVER release children that have surgery on their airway, the same day. She insists it has to be a mistake. Obviously, the insurance company doesn't agree.

So, we go in faith tomorrow that this insurance will all work itself out. We are going to focus on getting our daughter through the day tomorrow and the recovery after.

So, if you think about it tomorrow... please pray for our little Grace. She isn't going to know what is going on. She is going to so be scared (again).


  1. Awwww, poor thing! I will definitely pray for all of you tonight and tomorrow! Insurance companies are such a nuisance aren't they?

  2. i HATE insurance companies-- COME ONE!!! palate surgery people!!!! one night is required at least! argh argh argh-- will pray someone over there grows a brain as well. never know, miracles happen.


    1. did you premake meals? if not- ASK people to make meals for you the first week

    2. get your blender out. now. you can add a little broth or milk to anything and give it to her

    3. do not have her eat with you and do not eat in front of her. this may be difficult-- but serve her food to her beforehand- and then plop her somewhere.

    4. give her toys that keep her hands busy-- anything with buttons.

    5. buy lots of pudding mix, jello and chocolate milk:)
    hope some of those help!!!!

  3. I can not believe your insurance company told you that! Obviously they have NEVER expierenced this surgery for themselves or even know what it entails. I could not have imagined going home with Lily the same day. Crazy people.
    Will be praying for you!

  4. Prayers for you all!!! The Lord has brought you this far...he'll bring you through...