Sunday, April 17, 2011

Funny comment

I know everyone who has adopted has these stories. But wow.

We get a lot of comments and questions when we go places.

You know...

Where is she adopted from?

What made you decide to adopt?

How much did it cost? (yes, people we hardly know often ask this question)

Does she have cleft lip/palate? Did you know that when you adopted her?

And list goes on...

But I got a new comment today.

"Wow, her hair is so much darker than your other kids!"

I almost spit out the water I was sipping. And started laughing.

So you'd think I would have explained... " We adopted her from China"


All I could muster was...

"yes (long dramatic pause), it is."


  1. too funny...guess she's blending right into the family :o)

  2. My daughter has triplets and taking them out together always invited questions. Once I was taking them for a walk and someone asked, 'Are they real?' I answered, 'No, they are plastic.' Then I felt horrible.

  3. That is too funny! I got a similar comment last hair is dirty blonde and I was at a lake with my family and some woman came up to me and said, "Boy, where did she get that gorgeous black hair when you are so light." I couldn't even respond I was just speechless. It is amazing the things people say. I wish I was more quick and witty for such comments. :-)

  4. I've had several comments like that. My daughter, from Guatemala, has this really thick, glossy black hair and a beautiful toasty brown skin color and people just wonder how I am her mother, being that I am very fair skinned and have strawberry blonde hair. It's funny sometimes. The best comment I got about hair though, was shortly after she was home and we were seeing a specialist for something. She was 13 months old and had more hair than many 3 year olds. He looked at her and said to me, "WOW! You must have had lots of heartburn when you were pregnant!" HUH???