Thursday, October 28, 2010

The toy room

About a year ago, Steve and I sat and discussed all the reasons why NOT to adopt.

There were many. Some were actual legitimate worries/concerns that have to be VERY carefully weighed and discussed.

But, some... actually MOST were things like this...

"Where will we put the toys?"

You see, we have a "toy room". Stuffed to the gills with toys that are rarely played with. Usually, it's just a source of annoyance for me because it is ALWAYS a mess. I mean a "don't- walk-in-the-room-or-you-may-trip-and- sprain-your-ankle" mess.

Seriously, this was a REAL concern. I was afraid the mess would be all over my house.

It was an excuse really. And a really lame one at that.

This weekend, we are moving the boys into their NEW bedroom (x-toyroom). And, then we will start re-decorating their old room to make it fit for a one-year-old princess. Complete with pastels, flowers and ladybugs.

A little girl, our little girl, who now spends most of her day in a crib, will have a bedroom all of her own.

To think we seriously almost let a toy room stop us.

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  1. Love it!!! Grace will love her new room and I can't wait to see pictures!!!