Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boys, Barbies and Church

Not a good combination.

As a was singing my heart out at the very end of service today, I glanced down at my three year old boy.

He had been busy undressing the three barbies that had been toted to church today in our "church bag" for K to play with.

They were now wrestling.

And then kissing.

As a 12 year old boy in the pew behind us looked on. Giggling.

Church with three kids is HARD. If they aren't talking, they are fighting. If they aren't wiggling, they are laying down and yawning. They are raising and lower the kneeler. They are interrupting prayer. They are fighting over who is sitting where.

And if they ARE miraculously quiet...

They are undressing barbies.


Luckily, I was surrounded by loving friends/moms and dads that giggled along with me as I threw up my hands and said...

I give up.

One thing for sure... no more barbies in the church bag.

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