Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sponsor a Puzzle Piece - Sponsor Grace!

We're getting close... close to going to China! About a year faster than we anticipated. We're really NOT complaining. :)

A couple months ago, B and S spent hours putting together this 1000 piece puzzle....

It's a painting (puzzle) by a San Francisco artist. This particular puzzle is of Chinatown in SF.

As a unique and memorable fundraiser for our adoption... we are asking people to sponsor a puzzle piece (or 2... or 10.... or however many you want).

$2 a puzzle piece.

Perhaps you want to sponsor a piece for every member of your family?!
Every piece counts!

We will keep a journal with the puzzle and write down each and every name/family that sponsor's Grace. In the end, we will hang this puzzle in a prominent place in our home... as a reminder to us about all those that helped bring our daughter home. We will keep the journal for Grace, so she knows how many people loved her and helped bring her home.

After we have all 1000 pieces sponsored. We will randomly select one sponsor to win a $200 gift card to merchant of their choice (Target, Home Depot, Pottery Barn... you name it!).

So, please... go ahead and use the chip-in button on the top right of our blog to sponsor. This chip-in feature uses Paypal. However, you do not need a Paypal account.

Also, we don't know 1000 people... so we will need all our bloggy friends to help to get the word out about this fundraiser. If you post a link to our blog post on your blog or you post on facebook... we'll give you an extra entry into the raffle for the $200 gift card. Please, leave me a comment (or send me an email) if you post somewhere.

If you read here you'll understand why all this fundraising. And you'll understand how HARD it is for me to ask ANYTHING of ANYONE. But, this cutie is calling us... and we need to go get her. So, I'll stretch way beyond my comfort zone... for her....

Thank you everyone!!


  1. Hey Migneault Family!

    I'm starting you guys off with $6. I'm going to post your blog on my facebook page as well. I can't wait to see little grace when she comes home. I'm so excited for you guys!

    Kate Martin

  2. what an original idea!!! we just bought 10 puzzle pieces:) and i will post about this on my blog!!!

  3. Steve and family good luck with your fundraiser and everything. You can count us in for 50 puzzle pieces. Brian, Kristi, & Grace Zehnder

    I will also post on my page to help the cause.

  4. WOW... Thanks everyone!!!! Steve and I are feeling SO blessed. I'm working on the chip-in widget to get it so all your contributions to show up. What can I say... I'm a Mom, not a computer genius. :)


  5. Thanks for the "chip-in" widget, Deb. It let me put the amount I wanted but I couldn't change the quantity to 5 (a piece for each of my kids). I also posted your link on FB.I hope you get some responses from it.

  6. Debbie & Steve, hubby & I chipped in 9.84 pieces (don't ask). God bless. Zee and Lin

  7. We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to sponsor Grace!!! Hopefully my Facebook link will bring some contributions to you too! Here's to bringing sweet Grace HOME!!!