Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Daughter...


We are SO EXCITED to introduce our precious daughter...

Grace Xiao Yun

Grace just turned one on September 23rd! We had a birthday celebration for her (birthday party blog post coming soon!) We think this picture of her was taken back in May or June.

Grace is waiting for us at the Jiaozuo City Welfare Institute, Henan Province.

We are very fortunate to have gotten our hands on a few other pictures of her that were taken a little bit later in the summer.

There are no words to express our absolute joy and love for our beautiful baby girl.

Some say she is "lucky" to have us. Actually, it's the other way around...

WE are beyond blessed to have her.

Even though we haven't yet held her in our arms... she has changed us in ways we never thought possible.

She is, most certainly, a perfect gift from God.


  1. man-- those cheeks are just so pinchably cute!!!! she's so cute!!! love her! so are you about 4 months from travel??

  2. Yippee!!! She is precious!! I am rejoicing with you guys! ;)

  3. Oh my word!!! She is just SOOOOOO sweet!!! Yahoooooo!!!!

  4. CONGRATS, what a little peanut she is!