Thursday, October 14, 2010

183 pieces sponsored and more news!

183 puzzle pieces sponsored... 817 to go! WOW!!!!

We are SO thankful to everyone, near and far, that have sponsored a puzzle piece for Grace.

Now the challenge, we need to keep this momentum going somehow.

So, if you haven't sponsored a piece yet ($2 a piece)... please, please consider. (see this post for an explanation) Every $2 really adds up!

Or, if you haven't yet... please post our fundraiser on your facebook page or on your blog. You get an entry into the raffle for every post on FB or a blog!

Again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has sponsored so far!

ALSO, BIG NEWS on the paperchase to Grace!!!

We received our Log-in Date (LID) today! LID is the day that our dossier is officially logged into the system in China. One more step closer to our little sweetie!

We were told that it might take 4 weeks to get logged-in, and that it could take up to 4 more weeks for China to notify our agency that it was logged-in. We were logged-in and notified in just TWO DAYS!

The next thing we are waiting for is for China to thoroughly review our dossier and then (hopefully) issue the Letter of Acceptance (LOA)... the official approval from China that we can adopt Grace.

I'm sort of feeling bad that others out there that I "talk" to in adoption-land have been waiting more than a month for their log-in date. I wish we all move together through this process.

While we've been told there is a method to this madness (whose paperwork gets processed first, second and when), it sure seems like it's just luck. And we're getting lucky.

China in January? February? or will it be March?

There are still a lot of steps that we could get stuck (for a month or more) so I'm trying not to get too excited.


  1. it took 6 weeks for our LOA_ but chinese new year was in there- and i heard they were coming in like 4 weeks- :) but-- our wait from LID to travel was 5 months total-- now take 1 week out for cny, and our travel was delayed 2 weeks b/c of a boat festival and lack of CAs- so really it should have been about 4 months-- SOOO i'm thinkin' you'll be there in feb? when is CNY next year-- that'd be something to look up- and xmas will probably delay some paperwork
    am i making ANY sense??
    :0) will post tomorrow about your fundraiser-- can't go back myself and adopt and i am dedicated to helping as many kiddos come home as i can!!!

  2. Ok I am a dork. Just thought you should know that. I just an odd amount of $$. LOL Can you tell my brain is in China?!