Friday, May 6, 2011

Technical difficulties!I

****UPDATE: It seems to be fixed. I don't know how. But, I'm not complaining****

I was so excited to show off my new blog design by Alexis today! (see her button on the right sidebar!)

She uploaded it last night. It's a beauty I'll tell you. But, of course... You wouldn't know, because you can't see it.


Because, of course, I just couldn't leave it alone. my attempt to delete an unwanted sidebar item... I seem to have deleted all the pictures and the blog header.

Oh good grief.

Alexis is going to kill me when she reads the "HELP!" email I just sent her.

Sorry Alexis!


  1. it's all there!!! (unless she just fixed it:) looks great!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. looks so awesome! My blog needs a make-over!