Thursday, May 5, 2011

having four

Some ask... so, "what's it like with four"?

Really, the transition from three to four... not that bad. two to three... now that was hard!

We were already outnumbered. Now, we are just more outnumbered.

We already didn't have enough hands.

The house was already loud!

and taking a picture of three kids was only SLIGHTLY easier than taking a picture of four.

Of course, it's busy. very busy. my house is ALWAYS a mess. the laundry is NEVER done. and I still can't figure out what time of day is best to take a shower.

BUT, overall... I recommend four. There is something very even about it.

And, now we have FOUR beautiful smiles that light up our home.

and there is nothing better than that.


  1. You go mama! That is awesome! Better look out though.....4 and no more was our motto for awhile..... :)

  2. so then 5 would just be slightly louder and slightly messier!;)

  3. and then 6 would be back to a rounded even number, just slightly louder and slightly messier!;-)