Saturday, November 20, 2010

When does it become reality?

When you write the first check.

When you notarize the first document.

When you see "You have been approved to adopt one child from the following convention country: China"

When you hear the phone ring.

When you see her face.

When you read "Your LOA has arrived" in the subject line of an email from your adoption agency.

When you say "I have four children"

When you paint a dresser.

When you glance in the back of your mini-van, see three kids, and actually panic because you thought you forgot someone, only to realize that the fourth isn't here yet.

When you sign a document written in Chinese that says her name and asks you "do you accept?"





When you see her face.

When you start making packing lists.

When you buy bedding with pink ladybugs and purple butterflies.

When you purchase her FIRST pair of shoes.

When your children draw six stick people (2 big, 4 little) in their pictures of their family.

When you start purchasing things for the trip.

When you try on that long forgotten, never thought you would use again, baby carrier.

When you see her face. be continued


  1. I got all teary reading this post. What a beauty. Congrats on your sweetie! Found you on RQ, by the way... didn't want you think I was a stalker! :)

    Oh... and I'm constantly counting four kids, though #4 still eludes us.

  2. I think maybe God was bored or something when He made you and I because Sister, we are cut from the same cloth. My kids are all boys (3 of 'em) but exactly your kids' ages. And you are about 6+ months ahead of us on this journey but we are riiiiight behond you. Signing January 1. Looking for my daughter in China. Amaris("promised by God" in Hebrew) or "Rissa" to me. I love reading your posts. Keep 'em coming. I am totally astalking you from now on. Thank you, Rumor Queen. ;) xoxo Esty