Monday, November 15, 2010


Today we, unexpectedly, received our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China. Just 34 days after receiving our log-in date.... which is a whole lot faster than we thought it would take!

The LOA basically means the Chinese government fully translated and reviewed our 13 dossier documents and formally accepted our request to adopt Fu Xiao Yun (Grace!)

Our agency hopes that we will travel 11-16 weeks from now! That would mean travel sometime in February or early March.

But first we have to jump through several hoops with US immigration. Once we have successfully navigated US immigration, China will issue our travel authorization that basically says "OK, you can come now"... and then we'll go!

OK. I've got to stop blogging and get cracking on all this paperwork that has to be done by TOMORROW.

Grace, we are coming soon!!!!!


  1. Yeah!!! So excited for you guys!!

  2. first-- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! i remember our LOA day well-- i was soooooooo excited to be in that net phase----
    but the next phase IS the hardest- i'll just warn ya now...

    ok-- i hated this next part of the process-- because you are sooooooooooo close- and yet with the stupid Hague stuff-- so far away-- BUT because there are hoops-- it makes it feel like you are actually moving! from LOA to actuall departure for us was 3 months-- and that included a 4 week wait from Article 5 to TA- which was long AND a 3 week wait from TA to travel.- so with Chinese New Year in the beg of Feb-- - just add a 10 day delay in there and you could travel end of Feb!!!!!!! that would be exciting!!!

  3. congrats!!! (you don't know me, but i totally blog-stalk you ... in a non-scary way, of course!)