Sunday, November 14, 2010

Growing Up

I spent an evening with a wonderful group of women last night.

Women that I have known longer than I've known most other people in my life (except for family of course).

We all sat there and gabbed as though we've seen each other every day for the last 17 years. Even though a few, I am quite certain, I haven't seen since I took off my cap and gown at high school graduation.

We laughed about things we did in 4th grade and 7th grade and prom (night) - yikes! The trouble we got in. The boys we kissed.

We also talked about kids, husbands, cleaning products, and kids tv shows.... because that is what us Mom's do.

I wasn't one that loved high school. Actually, I kind of hated it. As I drove to the gathering last night I wondered if those awful feelings of high school would come back. I'm thankful they didn't.... at all.

Then as I was sitting there chatting... it struck me, I realized how much I have in common with these women. They share my memories. The good, bad and ugly. And that's pretty cool.

And now, we have more in common than before. As I sat next to my friend who rocked her 9 month old to sleep next to me, I realized the extent of that motherhood bonds us women together.

As much as I pretend that I don't like getting older. Getting older isn't so bad. Because most of us grow up. We realize what's important in life. And we (hopefully) forget the bad and remember the good. Now we can share our life's journeys with open hearts and open minds.

So here's my lists of gratitudes today...

I'm so thankful I never have to go back to middle or high school. Yuck.
I'm thankful that I am 35 years old. Yup. I am.
I'm thankful for friends who have known me for 25 years+ years.
and I'm thankful for the bonds of motherhood.

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