Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simply Beautiful!

OK Friends... Time to go do some shopping!

Do you have a Mom that you would love to buy a BEAUTIFUL gift for? Maybe Christmas, B'day or Mother's Day? (I know it's a long way away... but it's good to think ahead)

Or maybe for something for yourself? Or a friend? Ask your husband, you know he would love to buy you something special!

Ann, at Hip Mom Jewelry has created some beautiful designs for us to use as an adoption fundraiser. We are so blessed because she has picked us to be one of the first families to participate in this fundraiser. For any item purchased on this page, she is donating 30% of the purchase price to us for our adoption.

There is something for everyone...

Some adoption related...

Hope for China
I Searched the Whole World For You
Others not adoption related...


Simply Blessed

Faith, Hope, Love

There's more HERE. Check it out!!


Enter our family code when you checkout, it is MIGNAUG10. This way Ann knows which family to donate the 30% to.

So, please go do some shopping!!! Perhaps you wouldn't mind forwarding this blog post along to your friends to help the cause?!

Thank you so much everyone for helping bring our little girl home!

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  1. ooh oooh!!!!!!!! i saw those and bought the china one on red leather with pearl-- i hope you're the family it goes towards!!! thanks for stopping by my blog:)