Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Mail Day

On the same day we got our I-797, we also received the letter that our Miss K has been waiting all summer for.

The letter that tells our almost Kindergartner who her teacher will be this year.

With your first child, you don’t know the teachers in the school so when you find out the teacher for the next year you sort of just shrug your shoulders and say “OK. Hope he/she is good?!” But, now… we are experienced. And K knew, for sure, that she wanted one particular teacher, “Mrs. Sweet”.

But, perhaps more importantly… she hoped that she would be in the same class with her BFF.

Her BFF called her earlier in the day, announcing that she had received her letter and she got the beloved teacher that K wanted.

Our mail had yet to arrive.

When the mail truck pulled up, I had to sit down with K and have a little pep talk.

I said to her “No matter what…You WILL have a great year this year. You will have fun. You will make new friends. You will learn SO much. And you will love Kindergarten”.

And she will. Because, no matter how much this Momma tries to deny it… she is SO ready to go school.

Well, look out “Mrs. Sweet” … you got K
and her BFF.

K and BFF had four phone conversations after the letter arrived. They were the funniest conversations I have ever heard. They were trying to figure out who else had Mrs. Sweet. For some reason, they were very consumed with trying to find out if this one particular little boy would be in their class with them. (Reminder: they are five years old)

Heaven Help Us.

So the mail was heavy with important things on August 5th. But the funny thing is... we were so distracted with the big kindergarten letter coming that the other mail got tossed aside and never looked at.

The "junk" mail sat there on our kitchen counter for 24 hours before anyone picked it up again.

The next afternoon, S picks up the mail and starts sorting through the "junk".

And there it was...

US Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Our one last document for our dossier, the I-797, was sitting on our kitchen counter, neglected, for 24 hours before we even opened it.

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  1. Funny!
    We received that letter and filed it b/c we were waiting for our FDL, or whatever people were calling it, Favorable Letter of Determination? and because it didn't say that we didn't think it was important until our Case Manager asked about it.... yup, glad I filed it... it did look kindof, sort of, a little important but it came only 2 weeks after our finger printing apt.