Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well, I really didn't think I would get through all this paperwork without messing something up. But, it's fixable... so it's all good.

I somehow missed our agency's announcement that the NY Chinese Consulate is no longer accepting documents via USPS. I don't know HOW?!?! I am literally on their website every day, sometimes more than once a day.

So, after receiving our I-797, we promptly had it notarized, certified by the Secretary of State (who turned it around in just TWO hours) and then I sent it the NY Chinese Consulate via USPS.


The next day I realized my mistake. At some point we'll get the document back with a note saying that they know longer accept documents delivered by USPS. But, it will probably be a month before we get it. So, our agency has suggested just starting the process over and then hand-delivering it down to the Consulate.

Tomorrow I am getting it notarized AGAIN, and then dropping it off at the Secretary of State for certification AGAIN. And then... S will drive the documents down to NYC to hand-deliver the document. Unfortunately, they also no longer process documents same-day. So, I'll have to go back to NYC next week to pick it up.

I guess this is just God's way of slowing us down a little. I'm pretty OK with that. Things ARE moving fast. Very fast. Last week I was panicked about how fast. This week... I'm a little bit more at peace. Thank You God for answering prayers.

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  1. Hope that means you're sleeping better ;-)
    Praying for faith, hope and peace as you travel your road to Grace!