Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Countdown - July Update

CCAI reports 36 matches for the month of July.

Here are the facts... I'll let you interpret.

There were approximately 250 families ahead of us at the end of March.

They have matched 160 children with their forever families since April.

In. Just. Five. Months.

Being "logged-in" is a big deal in the China adoption world. Basically, you generally aren't matched until you are logged-in because of rules established by China. Right now, CCAI is reporting that once families are logged-in, there are some families that are being matched right away.

If all goes smoothly, we will probably be logged-in in a couple weeks.

Now, go and read my last post about "Why all this fundraising?" :-)

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  1. man-there's a little 10 month old girl on the ccai WC list online with CL/CP and Hep B-- family must be LID-- don't know what needs you checked off- but if you have any questions about this special need combo- that's what noah has (and ben is Hep B as well)

    want sooooooooooo much for her to find a good family!

    congrats in advance on a HUGE milestone!