Saturday, May 22, 2010

Census Workers Stall Paperwork?!

Apparently, because of the census, our home-study fingerprints are stuck in the que and haven't been processed yet. It's been over 60 days and they still aren't done.

Therefore, we can't submit our I-800 (immigration application). Therefore, our immigration approval won't arrive for quite a while. Therefore our dossier won't be ready to go for a LONG while (and our physicals will expire before then so we'll have to get those done again).

All because our country has to count people.

I know, I know... it's important, I get it.

But, right now, nothing seems more important than getting our fingerprint results.


  1. Sorry guys. Good info to know though (about the census holding up things) so maybe we'll postopone our physicals for a little while.

  2. How frustrating! Hopefully things just hit a snag and then will speed up. (Our prints came back unreadable 2 months after we had them taken and had to be redone.. I was afraid we would be 2 months behind, but that did not end up being the case.)
    One thing we have learned through this process- You get a lot of opportunity to practice the fruits for the spirit- especially patience!

  3. I'm so sorry...just a bump in the road. It will all be worth it in the end!