Friday, May 28, 2010

Always Guessing

As our fingerprints sit on someone's desk somewhere just WAITING. We wait. And we think. And we over-think. And we begin guessing. And we grab at straws. And we search the internet for clue. ANYTHING that will tell us SOMETHING about when we will meet our little girl.

Is it REALLY going to be 18-24 months (and just in case anyone is counting... now it's 16-22 months)? or is it going to be shorter? or (dare I type it) longer?

Our agency (CCAI) sends out a newsletter monthly. They report on how many families they have matched throughout the month. So far, since we submitted our medical conditions checklist (MCC) in March, they have matched about 100 children with their families. We were told by CCAI (in March) that there were approximately 250 families ahead of us. Does that mean there are now only 150 families ahead of us?

Then today, I happened across a blog, and it happened to be another CCAI family who received a referral of a beautiful little girl. She submitted her MCC in January. JANUARY! and she was matched last month! That's only four months! I don't know anything about this family. I don't know anything about the little girl (other than she is super cute), and there are MANY reasons why she might have been matched in just four months. BUT, I do know that back in January when she submitted her medical conditions checklist she was also told the wait would be 18-24 months.


So, now that you guys are armed with as much as information as we have (pretty much none).... what's your guess?

(Of note: the Mom mentioned above had her dossier logged-in in China in 2007 and was waiting in the non-special needs program for three years before decided to switch to the waiting child program. I just didn't want her to read my blog and think that I totally misrepresented her story. The truth is she has waited a LONG time for her beautiful daughter. In this post, I was just referring to the wait since submission of the MCC.)


  1. Hi Deb- just wondering if it may be with the age range or special needs you feel comfortable with? I know we didn't wait long because we were looking for an older child. Also, since the CCAA has changed the SN program with how the list is distributed....that may be why too?? Those are just stinks, this wait doesn't it??? Hang in there, friend!

  2. WOw...hopefully this means the wait will the shorter!! There...I said it for you!!