Friday, August 31, 2012

Palate [before and after]

I wish I had taken a better picture of Grace's palate before her palate repair surgery (16 months ago). I went back in my pictures and was able to blow up this one (sorry for the yucky noses in these pics).

As you can see... there was nothing but a big gaping hole up there.

No wonder everything came of out of her little nose.

and now look!

CAN YOU BELIEVE the difference?!

Look at that perfect little palate.  

Thank you God for giving Grace's doctor the skilled hands to perform Your miracles.


  1. You know it really is AMAZING what can be done! She's perfectly made either way!

  2. had to look back at your pics--- b/c when i do get a glimpse of matthew's new palate- mainly when he's crying-- it amazes me -- still can't get used to the no hole! he has the seam down the middle and on both sides as well:)